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How do we stop deforestation?

by | 4. Dec 2020 | BaumInvest Tips


2263 days have passed since the climate summit in New York City, where numerous countries signed a “Forest Declaration”. 2263 days – why do we emphasize this crooked number, completely out of the blue? Because we really should remind ourselves and politics of this agreement. What has happened so far? Nothing, really.
Countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway proudly signed the New York Declaration on Forests on September 23, 2014, and by 2019 there were 41 supporting countries. The declaration called for global deforestation to be halved by 2020, with clear-cuts to cease by 2030. In addition, 350 million hectares of forest were supposed to be reforested – an area ten times the size of Germany. Not much has come of the plan. According to estimations by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global forest area has been declining by 4.7 million hectares a year since 2010. After deduction of reforestation – a gross figure of around 10 million hectares is cleared each year. Most of the time, forests are converted into pastures. To make it even worse, we are currently also receiving data from the Brazilian Institute for Space Research Inpe, who have taken a closer look at their country’s forests: Between August 2019 and July this year, the cleared area was about 10% bigger than in the previous year. “Three soccer fields per minute” is what ARD calculates. That is a larger amount of rainforest than has been cut down in the last 12 years.
Halve the number of clearings by 2020? Has not happened! Therefore, after 2263 days, it is imperative that we remind everyone of the New York Declaration on Forests, so that this crooked number does not end up being a crooked game.

One more thing on the side: we can’t plant against the ongoing deforestation. But WE decide what we consume and what happens with our money. With the Forest Share and the Natural Forest Conserver, you have it in your hands to invest responsibly in a green future and thus promote the trend reversal for sustainable management with the forest!

Let’s do it!

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