About BaumInvest

BaumInvest – Briefly explained, permanently effective.

Between 2007 and 2020, we reforested 1,280 hectares of tropical permanent mixed forest in Costa Rica. We manage a total of 2,051 hectares, including 25% pure nature conservation area. This makes BaumInvest AG not only a forestry pioneer and thought leader. The AG is also one of the most important players in ecologically and socially responsible mixed forest reforestation with 15 native and 2 exotic tree species in Central America.

Our planting concept, consisting of a permanent rolling-wave forest system including continuous reforestation, offers endangered animal and plant species a protected habitat, and verifiably promotes soil conditions and biodiversity.

In addition, our mixed forest concept permanently removes harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time, we promote regional structures that significantly improve the living conditions of our partners in Costa Rica. The Senckenberg Institute, as well as other scientific projects of the Universities of Freiburg and Costa Rica, have been confirming the effectiveness of our concept since 2007 time and again: We and our investors contribute significantly to global environment and climate protection. Molding the world sustainably and at the same time earning money from it – there is probably no better way to invest in the future.

Our business model: stable, proven, sustainable.

First things first: As an investor in BaumInvest you are a land and forest owner. Because with us you are not only investing in wood, but in a living forest and the land on which it grows.

Our risk management has proven to be reliable: We reforest with a total of 17 different tree species. This makes us independent of the development of individual timber prices.At the same time, the mixing of

different tree species makes life difficult for pests. And last but not least, the distribution of our reforestation areas over various areas in the north of Costa Rica ensures a high degree of safety.

And there is something else that distinguishes our business model: the combination of economy with ecology and social responsibility.


For us it is clear: mixed forest instead of monoculture! Because only by mixing different tree species in a planting concept of three to four species, natural stages of succession are created: the return of typical plant, animal and fungal communities. Thus our approach demonstrably preserves and promotes species diversity. We use resources sparingly and leave the nutrients in the ecosystem. This benefits not only the quality of the soil, water and air. By the way, 25% of our area is a nature reserve. These nature reserves make a significant contribution to BaumInvest’s economic success: the diversity of birds, bats, amphibians and reptiles that settle here is a fantastic biological pest control. In addition, these forests and wetlands form a natural barrier against the spread of forest fires.


“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips today. Originally, the term originates from forestry: It is about an economic activity that, in addition to short-term profit, also has future generations in mind. This is exactly the basis of our concept. With our rolling forestry system, we ensure a constant supply of raw materials that serves us today and tomorrow. In addition, new reforestations close potential harvest gaps in existing areas; the age stock becomes even more diverse and we can harvest even more regularly.


Our forests are located in structurally weak regions of Costa Rica. With our projects we create jobs under fair conditions: It is about humane jobs, good retirement provisions, education and qualification for future generations. Because this is also important to us: solidarity and equality are the prerequisites for a fairer world. We take responsibility for our actions and keep an eye on where and how we can do more to ensure a future worth living.