Carbon Credits

Gold for BaumInvest: Our Carbon Certification

Carbon credits are used to offset carbon emissions. By purchasing and retiring a certificate, one tonne of carbon dioxide emitted elsewhere is offset. In the voluntary market, companies can buy carbon credits and use them to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions in order to meet their climate targets.

BaumInvest Carbon Credits

The BaumInvest reforestations were among the first reforestation projects to be certified according to the criteria of the Gold Standard. This certification confirms the carbon storage capacity of our reforestations – and thus the climate impact of BaumInvest.

What is the Gold Standard?

Gold Standard was established in 2003 by WWF and is now recognized as the most important certification system for projects to reduce carbon in the atmosphere by more than 80 NGOs. The Gold Standard certification sets the highest standards for positive impacts of climate projects and other initiatives.


Locations and Certification

Our carbon credits stem from all certified forestry projects managed by BaumInvest in Costa Rica and Colombia:
Framework Certification
  • GS11707 BaumInvest Forest Landscape Restoration Programm
Costa Rica
  • GS 2913
  • GS 11708 (VPA1 POA)
    Reforestation Project Costa Rica 01
  • GS 12186
Advantages of our Carbon Credits for you
  • Compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions via a recognized standard
  • Advantage over your competition because of your sustainable commitment
  • Contribution to a climate-neutral future
  • Social impact: Job creation and development of the region
  • Tangible Asset
Added Value
  • High-quality carbon credits from reforestations of close-to-nature mixed forests
  • Globally recognized standard
  • Contribution to the creation of new habitats
  • Permanent storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Offset with BaumInvest carbon credits

You would like to compensate for your unavoidable emissions with our high-quality carbon credits? We would be happy to send you more information and advise you personally.