Our world revolves around forests.

Here at BaumInvest, the forest changes our world.
Our forests are alive, and they are home to people, plants, and animals.
Our story began in 2007.

We approached Costa Rica as a pioneer to reforest degraded pastures. We used the forestry concept to turn these pastures into mixed forests using native tree species.
Currently, we are cultivating more than 2000ha of forest and we are still growing.
Near natural reforestation and CO2 binding are the markets of tomorrow.

Become part of our story by:


  • Making a meaningful investment in forest shares
  • Compensating CO2 effectively with our solutions
  • Protecting natural forests through our “Natural Forest Conservation (NFC) Program”

Our Strengths – Your Advantages

The Forest Concept

Everything revolves around near-natural forests.
Mix forests instead of monoculture.
Protecting species and the climate all at once.
Improving conditions for animals, people, and the environment.Improving conditions for animals, people, and the environment.

The forest share

Your BaumInvest AG investment includes stable property, naturally growing tree populations, and making an ecological and social impact. Our trees are not reliant on trade markets and are nearly 100% self-funded.


With a small amount of money, you can make a big impact. As a member of the NFC Program, you symbolically adopt a tree and plant up to eight additional topical trees.

CO2 forest

Forests are the only known natural solution to compensate for unavoidable emissions. Compensate for your own CO2 by having a company forest planted or find a solution using Goldstandard certificates. Together, we can make your ideas a reality.

Impressions from Costa Rica

Photo Gallery

BaumInvest Blog

BaumInvest News from Germany and Costa Rica

Alexander Pinkwart im Interview

Alexander Pinkwart im Interview

Zwei Monate lang forschte Alexander Pinkwart gemeinsam mit einem Kommilitonen auf der BaumInvest-Finca La Virgen in Costa Rica.

Interview mit Ronnie de Camino

Interview mit Ronnie de Camino

Er ist einer der renommiertesten Forstexperten Lateinamerikas, nebenbei stellt er Kunst aus Holz her: Bilder, Collagen, Lampen.

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