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Women in management responsibility – a matter of course at BaumInvest

by | 8. Mar 2021 | News from BaumInvest

Women dominate the management bodies at BaumInvest. In April 2020, Antje Virkus was appointed as the sole member of the BaumInvest AG Management Board and has now been managing the operational business for eleven months. The Supervisory Board, as the directly elected representative body of the shareholders, consists of four women (out of a total of seven members) and has welcomed Gabriele Rück (Chairwoman), Gudrun Welsch (Deputy Chairwoman), Ursula Sydow and Carolin Salvamoser to its ranks since November 2020. They take on responsibility, make strategic decisions, form a constant supervisory body, and support the Executive Board in an advisory capacity.

Women in management responsibility – a matter of course at BaumInvest. Not so, however, in a German comparison. In the 200 companies with the highest sales in Germany, the proportion of women on the management board in 2021 will be only 12 percent, according to a study by the German Institute for Economic Research. On the supervisory board, the figure is just under 35 percent. These figures place Germany in the lower midfield in Europe.

A look at Costa Rica, where BaumInvest has been reforesting tropical forests for 13 years: Last year, 24 percent of the board members of listed companies there were women – still too few, but at least it means the top position in the Latin American comparison (the rest average 13 percent).

In the forest investment sector, BaumInvest operates in a male-dominated circle. We are therefore all the more pleased about the female weighting in the BaumInvest management team.

We wish you and all our female employees all the best on International Women’s Day.

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