BaumInvest cinema

All videos of BaumInvest AG

Within the framework of our projects in Germany and Costa Rica, impressive photographs and moving images are created. We have brought together all the videos here in the BaumInvest cinema and

will continue to expand them. Let yourself be impressed, informed or simply captivated by the images. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you popcorn, but we hope you enjoy it!

Impressions from Costa Rica

This is what it looks like in the forests of BaumInvest AG.

The explanatory film

How the BaumInvest AG model works

Our forestry concept

How do they actually do it?

Biodiversity monitoring

Our cooperation with the Senckenberg Institute Frankfurt

Natural Forest Preservers

Our product with real added value

Uni Freiburg

Our research with the University of Freiburg

Our strategy

The strategy of BaumInvest AG briefly explained

The BaumInvest team

The employees of BaumInvest AG introduce themselves.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board and its tasks.

Our Fincas

Impressions from the BaumInvest forests.

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