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“Here, I can really put my long-lasting experience to use!”

Three questions – three answers. Today we will be talking to Carolin Salvamoser, who became head of the BaumInvest Supervisory Board in January.

About Carolin Salvamoser
Carolin Salvamoser was born in 1978. She studied Political Sciences and Communications, and Media Education in Augsburg and extended her field of expertise with an intensive in-service economics course at Hagen University. After these 6 months, she worked for an agency for public relations and political advice in Berlin for several years. During her time in the capitol, she also became head of corporate communications for an engineering firm for factory planning and large-scale solar plants. She is and has been a member of several supervisory board – namely: Solar-Fabrik AG, EWS Elektrizitätswerke Schönau eG, Puro Verde eG, since 2020 at BaumInvest AG.

Carolin, why did you decide to become head of the Supervisory Board?
I really respect the company, the people behind the scenes and the potential that is connected to this combination.
Here, I can really put my long-lasting experience as member of supervisory boards to use and create a professional work environment.

Why is it so important to you to participate in this project?
Who wouldn’t want to do something meaningful with their money? And is there anything in our day and age that is more meaningful than planting trees?
BaumInvest shareholders enable us to invest in new land plots and afforestation projects. The more successful we are, the more carbon gets pulled from the atmosphere.
More biodiversity is possible, and more people get a chance to work in fair working conditions.

Do you have any concrete plans as head of the Supervisory Board?
The core task of the Supervisory Board is to advise and monitor. Our Executive Board member Antje Virkus sits in the cockpit. In the regular exchange and cooperation with her, I can contribute my experience, especially as a link between the management board and the supervisory board.
I see it as my responsibility to support the chosen path of BaumInvest AG as an ecologically and socially active company with economic objectives. Much is still possible here with our business model: pure tropical forestry is our foundation.
Building on this, the business field of CO2 compensation will increasingly gain in importance and also create new economic perspectives for us.

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