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News from BaumInvest – We’ve moved!

Dear followers of BaumInvest AG,
in these turbulent days, coined by corona and the pandemic, we also have to stay flexible and cope with unexpected changes. We’ve moved! We have been working from our new location at Talstraße 30, Freiburg, since June 1st. After a long and intensive search, we finally found a beautiful new building, which is flooded with light and big plants, in Freiburg Wiehre. With the momentum of that positive change, the BaumInvest Team is now working on a new structure. With an efficient lineup and an eye on the future, we are eager to work on the economic development of the company.
The building fits the spirit of the people working in it! Here, we are able to work on our shared vision and the solutions we need to develop to get there – especially the difficulties coming from the corona pandemic. Just like any of us, BaumInvest has to face the difficulties of these times; in Costa Rica and Germany.
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