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by | 13. Jan 2021 | BaumInvest Tips


“Every single animal counts.” We took this very simple, but very true, statement from a researcher, who was part of the recently aired Costa Rica centered ARTE documentary. She claims that every single animal plays an important role in saving and balancing the biodiversity in the local rainforests. She uses peccaries as an example and explains: The endangered peccaries is depended on worms and beetle larvae in order to get the proteins required to balance its diet. On the other hand, they serve as prey for jaguars themselves. If this natural circle of life is interrupted, there are huge consequences for every party included. For this reason, it is of utter importance to provide these animals – larvae, peccaries, jaguars and everybody else – a healthy forest habitat to live and develop in. A forest, in which they can find what they require.

This breathtaking documentary by Luis Miranda takes in midst of this fabulous diversity of Costa Rica. In a trilogy, Miranda takes a closer look at local marine biodiversity, accompanies an expedition into the rainforest and meets an amazing biodiversity in Corcovado. One of the many inhabitants of this national park, is the muriqui, a monkey species which is also present on our fincas. An animal that is considered a natural forester is another example of an inhabitant of our fincas and Corcovado: The spider monkey. Jumping and climbing from tree to tree, this little forestry helper spreads the trees’ seeds across the rainforest. Every single spider monkey helps us afforest new areas – „every single animal counts.”

This documentary trilogy “Costa Rica – der Natur zur Seite stehen“ will be available in the ARTE media library until January 10th.

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