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Signing contracts, writing postcards, composing poems: It’s only really fun when you have a suitable writing instrument. One that feels wonderful in your hand, is warm and smooth to the touch, made of high-quality material and handmade. Our wooden biros made from Costa Rican woods is characterised by all of these features. Unique, high quality, handmade – the perfect gift for you, your friends or business clients.

Our timbers

The new BaumInvest wooden pens come in three elegant variants. We have chosen three special tree species from our rolling forestry systems – the Cocobolo, the Roble Coral and the Guapinol – as the wood sources for your pens.


The cocobolo captivates with its deep dark colour scheme, which is characterised by a black-brown hue. This hard wood is particularly aesthetic due to its characteristic orange-brown to red-brown colour stripes.


The wood of the guapinol is harder than the majority of all wood species and the heartwood is mostly dominated by a salmon-coloured note. Over time, however, it can also develop bright red streaks.


The Roble Coral produces a much lighter wood than the Cocobolo, which can be compared to the colour of oak. Due to its heaviness and hardness, it is particularly suitable for difficult jobs.

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Handicraft meets precious wood

Where do the BaumInvest pens come from?

The small town of Sarchi in Costa Rica is known for its Artensanía, for the many small handicraft businesses that produce all kinds of artistic products. Vinicio Marín runs one of the family businesses. For more than 30 years, he has been producing works of art and souvenirs from local woods, which are extremely popular with tourists, but are also exported to the USA and Europe.

He has designed his own product for BaumInvest: the wooden biros. For this, he used wood species that also grow in the BaumInvest forests: cocobolo, guapinol, roble. The pens are handmade, the refills are interchangeable, and the respective tree species are engraved in the grip. “The wooden pens are comfortable to hold,” says the artist. “Moreover, they convince with their beautiful grains and a nice writing feeling.”

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