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Our principle is straightforward, but not simple: On former, partly degraded pasture land we imitate the natural development of a mixed forest. Depending on the location, we reforest with 17 different, mainly indigenous tree species, some of which are on the red list. In over 40 different planting variants, we combine fast-growing, shade-giving pioneer tree species with species of slower growth. In the rapidly developing forest climate, valuable tropical wood tree species such as the tonka tree can develop. Selective harvesting of the different species leads to a constant forest cover – a managed permanent forest.

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Healthy soil for a stable ecosystem

A system is only as healthy as the soil it is rooted in. Here, too, our forestry concept achieves enormous things: the fast-growing pioneer tree species provide shade, ensuring that the soil is quickly covered by other plants. In addition, we intervene as little as possible in the ecosystem and leave forest residues on the land. All this is the prerequisite for a healthy humus layer and for a nutrient-rich, fertile soil. And our forest concept can do something else: it buffers heavy rainfall. Thanks to the leaf canopy, the rainwater flows slowly into the soil without washing it away. Humus and nutrients are preserved for the ecosystem.

Absolute number of trees by species

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