Our forestry concept

New natural cultivated permanent forest:
Concept and impact

Our concept is straight-forward yet sophisticated: we mirror the growing patterns of natural forests to reproduce near-natural forests on degraded grazing lands. Depending on the location, we choose from a mix of 17 different (mostly local) tree species. Many of these species are listed as endangered.

Through the 40 different combinations between slow and fast growing trees, we can create the necessary shade in accordance to the respective plot. The natural forming forest climate supports the growth of valuable tropical forest species such as the tonca tree. Continuous profits are secured through a selective harvest of various species. This selected harvest guarantees a certain level of forest density and coverage at all times – it is indeed a cultivated permanent forest.

The main cast consists of our most important actors: the trees

Permanent forests and the selective harvest

Nature is one of the oldest players in business so we should play by its rules. This idea guides us when developing cultivation concepts. Since permanent forests require a

permanently high level of forest coverage, We guarantee this by harvesting selectively and continuously growing new saplings. It is a sustainable system.

This is how the BaumInvest forestry concept works

Nature acts as our main risk manager

Long droughts, extensive rainfall and even hurricanes are common consequences of climate change. Using near natural systems has proven to be an effective method in reducing the risks and effects of these climate catastrophes. Our mixed forest concept creates a tropical forest climate, which has been shown to save large amounts of water. This increased amount of water can help forests survive long droughts that are becoming more frequent due to climate change. Did you know that our rainforests can even function as buffers against hurricanes?
Our forestry concept is specifically designed to produce trees of different heights at all times. Due to this characteristic, it is impossible for the hurricane to get a “grip” on our trees, as there is a smaller attack surface. Is more likely for our trees to stop the hurricane then it is for the hurricane to pull out trees.

Sustainable soil cultivation for our stable ecosystem

A system is only as healthy as the soil its roots are in. In keeping with this message, we have studied the role of soil in our ecosystem exhaustively. We try to intervene as little as possible with the natural growth of our forest areas by leaving natural matter such as bark and leaves alone. This creates the perfect growing conditions for healthy hummus and nutritious soil.