Plant Trees. Protect species. Become a tree sponsor.

Adopting a tree and planting ten additional tropical trees, which help reforesting an area and turning it into a natural reserve. At the same time giving living space to countless animal species. Sounds amazing? Because it is! You can have such an immense impact on climate and species protection with just a small effort.

That’s where Trees Come True

What good does sponsoring trees? Where are they planted? Why are we the right partner for you?
We will answer all of your questions in just 2 minutes.

It’s as Simple – as It Is Impactful: 180€ Can Create Forest

Why is your contribution so valuable?

  • You can be sure: every tree planted grows!
  • Your forest will stand forever. The area is placed under nature conservation in the national register.
  • You plant only native tree species, including rare and threatened species on the Red List.
  • You create new habitat with measurable biodiversity gains.
  • Your forest protects drinking water sources and makes a positive contribution to the entire region.

As a Natural Forest Preserver, you…

  • …sponsor a protected tree in Costa Rica.
  • …have ten tropical trees planted in a protected area.
  • …receive a plaque with your name on your tree.
  • …you will be informed about the carbon storage capacity of your tree.
  • …you will receive a certificate and the GPS data of your tree.
  • …you take responsibility in the fight for a healthy planet.

Become a Natural Forest Conserver right now

Example certificate:




Im folgenden können Sie alle benötigten Daten zur Übernahme einer NaturwaldGestalter-Baumpatenschaft eingeben.


Der/die Name/n auf der Paten-Urkunde und Baum-Plakette soll lauten:

Creating a Forest with Trees


The rainforests of Costa Rica are one of the biodiversity hotspots of our planet. Five percent of all animal and plant species on our planet are represented here: jaguars, capuchin monkeys, tapirs, and countless bird species. If we want to continue to give these species (some of which are endangered) decent living space on our planet, we must protect the existing forests – and revive natural forests, which were once cleared. 
Since 2007, we have reforested nearly 1,300 hectares with native tree species while always working in close exchange with local communities. Always following the belief that every tree helps creating a forest
One of the protected areas is our Finca La Virgen – where Natural Forest Preservers can take over a tree sponsorship and thus plant even more tropical trees. The location is ideal for forest expansion, as it borders the large Braulio Carrillo National Park. Together we will create new habitats, where countless animal and plant species can reestablish themselves. 

Become a tree sponsor, plant trees, protect species: It’s as simple – as it is impactful

A tree sponsorship as a gift?

Of course that is possible. Nature is happy – and so is the recipient. Whether for Christmas, a birthday, a company anniversary, a birth, a wedding or a christening – a tree sponsorship is a sustainable gift that lasts a lifetime.
A tropical tree in Costa Rica is even more special. Who can claim to be the godfather of a rainforest tree on which spider monkeys sit and parrots nest? Exactly! A special gift for a special person.
Simply select “I would like to give the sponsorship as a gift” in the order process.

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