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Gold for BaumInvest: our CO2 certification

The Federal Environment Agency is a strict judge when it comes to the certification of compensation providers. And we are certified by the Gold Standard Foundation, a non-profit certification organization that the office expressly recommends.

Certification of the Gold Standard for Land Use and Forests confirms the CO2 storage capacity of our permanently managed forest – and therefore the climate effect of BaumInvest. In total (as of 2020) we are certified for CO2 storage of 103,113 tons. However, the actual CO2 storage is significantly higher. Because currently only a small fraction of our land is certified.

Currently we are planning to cultivate further areas with our proven mixed forest concept on a permanent basis. We will also continue to reforest in the future. This will further increase the CO2 storage of our BaumInvest forest, which has been confirmed to date.

What is great for the climate is also a benefit for our shareholders. Because by issuing certificates, we generate additional income for the company. And the buyers of the certificates benefit from an attractive, recognized compensation offer.