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CO2 – what is it all about?

Be it climate change or greenhouse effect – there is a term that plays a central role in this context: Carbon dioxide, CO2 for short. This gas is actually a natural component of our air. It is produced when carbon-containing substances such as fossil fuels are burned, or through the respiration and digestion of living organisms. However, if the CO2 concentration increases too much, the heat radiation of the earth is reflected by the greenhouse gases – the earth’s climate warms up and our ecosystem is thrown out of balance.
So much for the short explanation. What is sufficiently known, however, is that we humans contribute to a massive increase in CO2 with our way of life. Instead of decomposing on its own, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is increasing more and more. This is not the way forward for us.

Fighting CO2 with forests – Stopping climate change!

CO2 is the main cause for climate change. That is fact. And most of it is manmade. So, if we want to stop climate change, we have to act now. Everyone on their own and as a community with a shared future. We as BaumInvest value forest conversation and afforestation. Both of these practices are considered to be amongst the most efficient and natural ways of binding dangerous CO2 permanently. But why is that?

Trees constantly absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, which makes them stable carbon sinks, binding and storing harmful CO2 permanently. The way we cultivate the former plantations allows for a completely new ecosystem to thrive in the newly planted forests.

Here, complex root systems and healthy soil, rich of humus, can develop – both of which also hold great capacity to save CO2.

Also, our trees are not a short-term solution. Since we are planting healthy mixed forests, instead of monocultures, our trees really add to the overall carbon sequestration. We merely harvest in a selective pattern, while constantly replanting new trees. What grows in our forests, is sustainable wood – a product, which is economically valuable and possesses additional ideological worth. Wood, which is perfectly capable of replacing materials expensive in CO2 and further reducing carbon emission through the substitution effect.