Carbon Company Forest

Climate neutrality for companies

Are you looking for a certified climate protection project that compensates your greenhouse gases in the long term? Would you like to offer your customers climate-neutral products?

With your own carbon company forest, you can offset unavoidable emissions and contribute to the protection of biodiversity.

Meaningful carbon compensation with real impact

Your forest becomes a long-term carbon sink while simultaneously providing a new habitat for rare species like howler monkeys, macaws, and tapirs. Reforestation is the only natural way to actively remove existing and potencial CO2 from the atmosphere.

Your forest also creates a positive social impact in the region as it creates long-term jobs and helps to develop infrastructure in rural regions.

A forest according to your values

To offset your carbon emissions, we create personalized solutions for your company. We will plant and grow a natural forest with native tropical mixed tree species for your company. We will look for a suitable area for your project and develop the reforestation concept. Once the plans are in place, we will plant, maintain, and protect your forest.
Have you taken the first step and already know how much carbon you want to compensate for? If so, use the calculator and easily find out how many hectares of carbon forest you would have to plant. With our CO2 calculator below, you will get the desired overview quickly and easily.
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hectares of CO2 forest required: ha
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Your corporate forest impacts the environment while adding value.

Impact on biodiversity
Costa Rica’s rainforests are considered biodiversity hotspots. Rainforests are home to 50% of all plant species, 55% of all freshwater fish species and 77% of all terrestrial vertebrates on our planet.
This is truly remarkable considering that rainforests cover only 1.4% of our Earth’s surface.
Our reforestation area borders existing biodiversity corridors which leads to an expansion of habitable areas for plants and animals alike.

We protect this ecosystem – genuinely.
Impact on the climate
Tropical tree species grow much quicker than European species, as they grow without dormancy throughout the year. This means that they are actively pulling carbon from the atmosphere all year long. Thanks to the hot tropical climate, this amounts to as much as 11 to 15 tons per hectare and year on our Fincas.
Our near-natural forestry system even mitigates the negative consequences of climate change such as long droughts or heavy rainfall, as it creates a cooling effect and helps to restore the natural water cycle.
The trees prevent erosion and add nutrients to the soil. In addition, the ever-growing humus layer also stores carbon – counteracting climate change.

Forests are active contributors to climate protection.
Social added value
With the support of our employees, we transform degraded pasture land into healthy, productive forest landscapes.
While the ecosystem is being revived, it becomes the basis for solid incomes within the region.
But our mixed forests also significantly improve the quality of life in many other ways – An example of this can be seen with Finca La Virgen. By occupying this area, BaumInvest protects a valuable local source of water.

Additionally, the entire region benefits from an improved climate, due to the cooling effect in hot periods and the mitigates of increasingly hot and long dry seasons.The connections between ecological restoration, economic yields, and social responsibility remains intact.

Involving local people is the best forest protection.

We offer more than just reforestation

In addition to reforestation projects and forest management, we offer a comprehensive service and communication concept, which supports you in
communicating your commitment to the outside world. These different service packages will help you to find the solution that is right for you.
In addition to afforestation and forest maintenance, we offer you a comprehensive service and communication concept with which you can communicate your sustainable commitment to the outside world. Different service options help you find the right solution for you.

Production related services

Forestry management
Installation of measurement plots, annual forest inventory and annual report on tree growth.
Project management
Coordination, project monitoring and legal management
Carbon certification
Certification according to recognized standard or scientific proof of carbon storage performance. Annual report on certification

Additional services

Development of a biodiversity monitoring concept, data collection, and annual report
Storytelling for social media (e.g. photo traps), sustainability report,site visits, Presentations, and use of the BaumInvest brand.

Transparency on all levels

With us, you are in good hands – our funding is transparent. We don’t just sow seeds and leave the trees to their fate; we also care for and protect the trees so that they become a stable natural forest. Our forest rangers guarantee that no trees are illegally cleared
and that no returned wildlife falls victim to poachers. We prove the carbon storage capacity of your forest through external certifications of our forests, recognized standards or recognized scientific institutions at all times.

Interested in the Carbon Company Forest

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have and make you an initial personal offer.
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