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Reach your goal with the right compass – The BaumInvest Philosophy

Of course you could just run off and do the things you think are right. But the path is clearer if you have a compass – of attitude and values:

Taking responsibility

Charity projects and environmental protection alone are not enough. Sustainable change can only succeed if environmental protection and social action are inseparably linked to economic aspects. This is why we have long taken sides – and why our commitment means that we are assuming long-term responsibility in the region: for the people, for biodiversity, for our climate. And for the values of investors who, like us, are convinced of the sustainability of our business model.

Promoting growth

“Growth”, in the purely economic sense, often has a negative connotation. We are convinced that this must change. That is why we are working for growth that creates real added value through its impact in the region: not just for individuals. But for everyone. With our three-pillar model of ecological, social and economic impact, we sustainably reforest in Costa Rica with native tree species, create nature reserves and demonstrably increase the preservation and growth of biodiversity. The economic and social consequences benefit not only a single region, but the entire rest of the world in the long run.

Earning trust

“Friendship ends with money” – they say. We say: it starts with money. Provided that the trust is right. That’s why we communicate openly what we do, how we do it and how things stand. There are forests to touch and the concrete effects of our commitment can be witnessed directly during trips for our investors. What is created here is a strong community, characterized by valuable discussions, appreciation and respect. Because the same goals and interests connect people.

Acting together

Every single one of us contributes to the state of our planet. Everything we do or don’t do has consequences. That is a fact. Another fact is that we can make a difference together: with our responsible investors, with our partners in science and research and with the people in the region. As different as we all are – our common values unite us. Together we are shaping a better present and a future worth living in.

Living development

Since 2007, we have been going down paths that no one has gone down before. Sometimes straight ahead, sometimes with small detours. This is what happens when the tasks in a world we want to influence are constantly changing. The fact that we had to question our actions again and again is a natural part of the process. There is only one thing that is important: that we always do things in a new and better way. This is how the future is created. That’s why we like to take on challenges and learn from them. For even more sustainable products and a world that develops healthily.