About BaumInvest > Mission & Vision

Our mission. Or: why we do what we do.

We take responsibility for the one world we live in. That’s why we are constantly realigning ourselves to the framework conditions that are constantly changing in the outside world. In this way we protect the investments of our shareholders and at the same time promote ecological and social value chains that create a future worth living for all of us. To this end, we work hand in hand with our partners in research and with the people in the region.

Our vision – sometimes you just have to think big.

The common good always wins: economic growth and ecological and social responsibility are linked. People, nature and economic efficiency are in balance. For the benefit of us all.

Our USP – What makes us special

“World and value preservation through our permanent mixed forest concept.”

The research of the independent Senckenberg Institute as well as other scientific projects of the Universities of Freiburg and Costa Rica prove us right: Our planting concept of a permanent mixed forest demonstrably promotes native tree species and biodiversity. It improves the condition of the soil and actively contributes to climate protection by removing harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time, we promote regional structures that significantly improve the living conditions of our local partners.

Those who invest here are integrated into the company’s development; the values that have literally grown belong to them directly: living, healthy forests that serve all people. It is an investment in the common good – in the balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility. Since 2007, we have been continuously developing this concept hand in hand with our partners in research and science. Today it is copied many times.