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To finish a hike, you have to start walking first.

When we pioneered the concept of afforestation connected to shareholding, we created a BaumInvest fond, with a clear vision in mind: A business model, which balances out economy, ecology and social responsibility. There were not known roads to reach this destination, though. That is the reason we started working with partners from both research and science – a path that has proven to be right and effective. The ideas and improvements suggested by our partners are the main reason for this, as they kept us from wandering astray. When we started a fond in 2007 in order to afforest uncultivated pastures in central Costa Rica with precious tropical woods, we did not expect the project to be as popular as it turned out to be.

2009 and 2013 the demand for another fond was big enough to start two more fond projects. There are, however, important differences between what we were planning to achieve with the fonds and the vision we are realizing now. The biggest one might be the planned clear-cutting of our forests after 20 years – which has become unimaginable by now. Ideas about what sustainable environmentalism means have changed – not just amongst scientists, but amongst the public in general and our investors specifically. For this reason, in 2018 our shareholders and partners decided to merge all three funds and their affiliated companies in order to create BaumInvest AG. A small, unlisted stock company with an entirely new, even more sustainable and environmentally friendly concept in which no one would think of clearcutting our forests.